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No need to continue looking for where to sell gold Coins or rare coins, bullion and bars. Whether you’re looking for the value of your coins, need to know if your coins & bars are real, or you just need to liquidate your coin collection, Lion Buyers can always help you.

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We understand all the psychological element of selling your gold, other precious metal, diamond, jewelry, and Swiss timepieces for an online company. We provide up to $1 million Insurance coverage for your Valuable. We broker your items and get you the most exceptional offer from multiple offers from Trusted dealer community. Take advantage NOW!!

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We have been turning your unused, unwanted Gold Coins & Bullion in to fast cash and have been doing so successfully, With access to Large Seller Network We pay the Highest in Industry .

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Lion Buyers interested in that unwanted Gold Coins or rare coins sitting on your dresser. The best part is we don’t care if you necklaces, rings, watches and bracelets are bent or broken!Gold has been one of the highest valued metals for centuries, and its glamour continues today. In NYC, gold owners flock to jewelry shops, gold buyers or pawn shops to sell gold for cash. Gold prices are constantly changing, increasing when the economy is flat. Therefore, if you have gold coins, gold jewelry or even bullion bars that you want to sell, it is important to have an expert test the gold purity. Then, you will be able to determine the correct value of your gold so you can sell your gold for cash.

How do I know the real price of Coin?

The gold economy is always changing, therefore, being aware of the current prices will aid you in selling gold for the highest payout. Therefore, the perfect time to sell gold is when the market value is high. Be sure to check online the current prices of gold so you can determine the best time to sell your gold piece. Whether you have unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, or even scraps of gold, you can sell them at competitive prices. Remember, selling gold at the right time will maximize your payout.

For everyone’s protection, all precious metals tendered for sale are authenticated using proprietary non-invasive methods. Anything that is deemed inauthentic will be destroyed. Attempting to sell counterfeit products will result in notifying authorities.

We Buy All Precious metal Coins

You have several options when selling gold Coins, and being knowledgeable about your options will help you decide which is the best place to sell gold,platinum and rare Coins.  Whether it is at a gold auction, a private buyer, or selling gold online, there are advantages to each.

Selling gold at an auction: Buyers at auctions usually pay full price, but, be prepared to wait all day for your bid.

Selling gold online: Always a fast option, however, there is high-security risk involved.

Selling gold to a private buyer: May take time to find a gold buyer you trust, however, once you do, you will find it is time efficient, reliable and a great cash payout.

How can I sell bullion bars?

When you decide to sell gold to a private buyer, one of the main challenges is finding a gold buyer in NYC that you can trust.

  • Tests your gold in store, in front of you.
  • Ensure that the buyer uses a licensed scale and are scientifically standardized.
  • The buyer must have a good status and are open to the community.

Why Lion Buyers the best place to sell Gold Coins?

Here at Lion Buyers, our trained gold professionals can help you sell gold coins without worry or discomfort. Knowing whether the jeweler's stamp on your gold is authentic can be the difference between you getting cash for gold or not. At any of Lion Buyers, several locations, you'll be able to see our certified jewelers test your gold – in front of you, not in a backroom somewhere – to arm with you all the relevant information you need to sell gold coins. When it comes to selling gold, education is the key to receiving an incredible cash payout, and our friendly staff is committed to making sure you receive your due.

Sell Gold Coins Without Worry

Whether you have gold jewelry, gold coins, or even just scrap gold, you can come on in to Ari's Luxury Vault where we buy gold from you with integrity, honesty and commitment: providing you with a great experience selling gold is our mission, and our gold experts will analyze the authenticity and worth of your gold with full transparency. Do you have a jeweler's stamp on your gold? Our professional jewelers can tell you all about it. Feel free to stop by so we can help you sell gold with confidence!

Types of Coins We Buy

American Gold Coins

Gold Eagles Antique Gold Coins Pre-1933 US Gold Coins Commemorative Gold Coins Gold Bullion Coins

American Silver Coins

Silver Eagles Morgan Sliver Dollars Pre - 1965 Silver Coins Commemorative Silver Coins Silver Bullion Coins

Foreign Gold Coins

Canadian Gold Coins Australian Gold Coins Mexican Gold Coins Austrian Gold Coins Gold Krugerrands

Foreign Silver Coins

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs Austrian Silver Philharmonics Mexican Silver Libertads Silver British Britannias Silver Chinese Pandas

From Tri-State Area? Sell Your Gold, Diamond & Watches From Your Home.

We value your real investments and your comfort zones. That's why you need a buyer(s) that understands your needs, secondary market & potential of Every valuable. Lion Buyer Home Visit Buying Service is carefully designed, boutique concierge service primarily focused on the tri-state area ( New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). You can Earn up to 99% from selling from home, and We will pay on the spot.

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